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Name:さよならじゃなくて... | because our love for ココア男。lives on
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Humor us for a sec. Access that little place at the back of your head where imagination lurks and use it to picture yourself coming across a little room at the end of an otherwise plain-looking hallway.

There's a little chalkboard hung on a hook that says: ココア男。 FANS, WELCOME.

Hey hey baby! Welcome to the fan community dedicated to ココア男。(Cocoa Otoko), the 5-man J-Pop/Rock group comprised of actors Kamakari Kenta (vocals), Hosogai Kei (bass), Yonehara Kousuke (drums), Suzuki Shogo (guitar) and Ide Takuya (keyboards/rapper).

In light of the band's announcement to disband come March 2012, [personal profile] dakedo and I decided to come up with this place because the party doesn't have to stop just because the clock has struck twelve.

Named after CO's fifth and final single, さよならじゃなくて... (Sayonara ja Nakute) hopes to be a place for fans both old and new to come together to celebrate these five amazing boys and the wonderful music they have made together as well as the endeavors they will be pursuing in the future.

Now, whether you come here to us from Dreamwidth or Tumblr or LJ or IJ or-- wherever, we hope that you find yourself comfortable enough to interact, meet new fans, reconnect with old ones and just... have fun. Which is the most important part.

Now, you might be asking: Why did we choose さよならじゃなくて...?

Well, other than the song being incredibly beautiful on its own, we felt that it was appropriate. This is not farewell to the boys after all, and for as long as we support and show our love for them, CO will never stop living on. The boys themselves called the band a place that became "home" for them. We don't think that's any different for the rest of us.

So yes, welcome! Pull up a chair and please join in. I think we still have chips and stuff in the virtual fridge.

                    Things You Might Want to Click.
                    ✓ Community Guidelines (or How to Make Fandom Shiny for EVERYONE).
                    ✓ Who Exactly Make Up ココア男。(Cocoa Otoko)?
                    ✓ I Want All the Merch, Wat Do?
                    ✓ I Want to Help Out the Comm, How Do?

journal credits: background wallpaper was shamelessly nicked from the boys' official website. layout skin utilized is Dreamwidth skin, Brittle; color tweaking done thanks to
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